The WASP is where you will find our Business Tools. These tools are created strictly for the small business community. It brings an easy and reliable ways for you to do the calculations  that you need to establish what pposition you business is in and then to use that information to plan yor way forward!

You can use it to prepare you management information,

You can train others in youjr company to preapare the management information

Educate yourself in preparation for your accountant  so that you can get busiess critial information out of him instead of him shuffelling your reciepts

you can use it to analyse your business accounts 

such as ;

Your Balance Sheet

Your profit and loss account

Your statement of Application of funds




  1. WASP Business
    • Business Planning
      • About the Business
      • The Business Strategy
      • Marketing Planning
      • Operational Planning
      • Risk Management
      • Financial Planning
      • Monitoring and Review
      • Business Plan Layout
  2. WASP Busness Plan 
  • Business Performance
  • Financial Ratios
  • Fincial Definitions


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WASP Management


WASP Business Information Database

WASP Intergrateted Management System