The Effective Manager - Pre-Order

The Effective Manager - Pre-Order

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The Effectve Manager covers Personal Management, People Management, together with Managing your Manager is a culmination of tried and tested practical approaches to management. The ebook, whilst you may be tempted to read it as an A to Z it is designed in a way to allow you to navigate through its numerous pages quickly and smoothly. You can get to anywhere within the e-book simply by clicking on the links found in the A to Z index, in the Road Maps of which there are three and also found in 30 plus Checklist.


You will benefit from this product if you use the opportuity to use it . 



You manage people - you need this 

You supervise people - you need this

You are a new graduate - you need this 

You are starting a new job - you need this.

You are returning to work - you need this.

You sell to other business -  you need this

You sell to the public - you need this 


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