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This Months  Special Feature



WellesleyMCS  Quick Reference eBook 


The Effective Manager is especial simply because...

it wll  excellently improve your performance as a manager .

You will have a better idea of what is expected of you by your manager.

Your customers will notice improvements in your customer service skills.

You will know how to motivate and direct your team and also get closer to meeting those company targets. 



You manage people - you need this 

You supervise people - you need this

You are a new graduate - you need this 

You are starting a new job - you need this.

You are returning to work - you need this.

You sell to other business -  you need this

You sell to the public - you need this 




The current Selection of Reference Guidesare:-

•The Effective Manager•Business Planning –•Business Process Improvement•Profit Improvement•Strategic Management –•Risk Management-•Marketing Management –•Customer Management –•Operations Manager Project Management•Supplier Management –•Finance Management –•Human Resource Management –•Quality Management•Health and Safety Management•Environmental Management –•Information Security Management•Business Continuity Management .... and more 


The current Selection of Reference Guides

offer you the following business benefits!

...Achieve operational excellence 
...Attract the right customers 
...Build a strong senior management team 
...Deliver on time 
...Ensure a common vision 
...Establish the goals and objectives of the organisation 
...Facilitate training 

...Focus resources on the key priorities 
...Identify accident and incident trends 
...Identify market segments 
...Identify opportunities 
...Improve brand positioning 
...Improve customer satisfaction 


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